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Staffing Service

We are a Staffing service located in Westwood, Massachusetts (U.S.A.), which is a liaison to a successful global network of a highly adept intelligent workforce.

Our mission is to strive to assist client companies within New England to achieve with their special staffing needs, projects and goals.

Our diverse and professional team has a wealth of seasoned human resources, sales, and recruitment experience.

In addition, our team is highly skilled in identifying top talent to place temporary or direct hire personnel in the following industries: Information Technology, Administrative Assistant, Medical Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant and Industrial Staffing.

Specialties We Provide Service For

IT Staffing

The only way to ensure that your company’s processes and applications functions evenly is by hiring certified IT professionals and an IT consultants who knows their way around technologies.

Administrative Assistant

People don’t leave companies, they leave people. We believe the best way to create a lasting working relationship between an Administrative Assistant and their management team is to assure their personalities connect. We have a unique way to match an individual with a management team to fill their staffing needs.

Medical Assistant

When looking for a reliable Medical Assistant to perform various office and clinical duties to keep your healthcare practice running efficiently, our dedicated professionals will work diligently with you to ensure that each job placement is a success.

Certified Nursing Assistant

We know that Certified Nursing Assistant workers fill an important and necessary role in your business. Whether your company is small, medium or a large business, we take pride in placing qualified CNAs for a successful hire.

Industrial Staffing

For nearly two decades, Diversified Industrial has bridged the gap between skilled trade workers and their employers. As a niche-focused, candidate-centric recruitment agency for the manufacturing industry, we help experienced skilled trades candidate’s employment. We also with assist companies to fill direct hire positions, with reliable team members their processes can depend on.