For Employers

We are aware that qualified and reliable staffing is critical to the success of your business. Our team will work diligently to ensure that each and every job placement is a success.

You can rely on Tring Staffing Solutions to provide your company with qualified staff. Whether your company is small, medium or a large business, we have a diverse skilled workforce available to support your business goals.

We take pride in our excellent reputation for providing professional service excellence toward the needs of our clients, employees and customers.

How you can save with Tring Staffing solutions:

  >     Will reduce costs and expensive overtime pay.

  >     Reduce unemployment and Worker’s Compensation claims.

  >     Reduce administrative HR and payroll costs.

  >     Improve the efficiency of your operation.

  >     Reduce costs and manage the risk of a negative hire.

  >     Add capacity and enhance productivity to your workforce.

  >     Lower your personnel count and save money on benefits.

  >     Bringing in staff from Tring Staffing Solutions will reduce costs by lowering your core personnel count, saving you the significant expense of benefits, including mandated health insurance.