Lorraine C. Green

Lorraine C. Green of Boston, Massachusetts (USA) is Tring Staffing Solution’s HR Operations Manager and has over 30 years of Human Resources, Labor Relations, Organizational Development and Staffing Industry combined experience.

Within her career journey, Lorraine has mentored countless individuals under her HR leadership. In addition, Lorraine was employed by various industries healthcare and social service organizations. She was employed within three Harvard Affiliated Teaching Hospitals, the American Red Cross Headquarters of Massachusetts Bay and the Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries Corporate offices in Boston.

Lorraine is certified in Human Resources Management by the Society of Human Resources Management’s (SHRM) Human Resources Career Institute (HRCI). She is currently attending the Baypath University’s American Women’s College of Springfield, Mass and is currently working on her studies in Strategic Human Resources Management to pursue her goals to teach continuing adult learners’ human resources at the collegiate level.

Sarah V. Smith

Sarah V. Smith of Boston, Massachusetts (USA) is Tring Staffing Solution’s Business Development Manager. She has spent over four decades working with C-Suites Executives in both Corporate America and the nonprofit sector.

She worked at one of the world’s largest financial institute, Bank of America, a fiduciary company, Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge Trust and a nonprofit agency, Care Group Parameter Home Care and Hospice.

Sarah also has over twenty-two years of serving on nonprofit boards and committees. She is an Independent Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer. She is also a Certified DISC Trainer and Consultant.

With her combined years of experience in working in both sectors, she has witnessed the impact of great leadership in people, as well as, organizations and is well-equipped to recognize and provide service of excellence.